About Us


Mountain City, the county seat, is located in the center of Johnson County.  You may reach Mountain City by taking Highway 421 from Boone, North Carolina; Highway 91 from Damascus, Virginia; or Highway 67 from Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Mountain City Elementary School has approximately 418 students from Pre-K/Head Start through sixth grade.


Our Mission

The mission of Mountain City elementary School is to provide resources, a positive environment, and support for student learning that facilitates high levels of achievement for all students and excellence in instruction by teachers.

School Pledge

I will strive to be a Steer Scholar every day in every way.
I will arrive at school on time and ready to learn.
I will do my best on every assignment.
My words and actions will show respect for my teachers, my classmates, and myself.
I will show self-control and responsibility in the decisions I make.
I will make a positive contribution to my school, my community, and my world.
I will do this for myself because I am worth it.

Shared Vision

The Mountain City Elementary School organization is a place of high expectations leading to higher achievement for all.  Our vision is to be student focused; allowing student needs to drive planning, staffing, organizing, directing, and budgeting.

School Beliefs

  • All children can learn and will meet or exceed proficiency in all content areas on standardized testing.
  • Students’ learning needs will be the primary focus when planning and modifying instruction.
  • Policies and procedures that support excellence and equity in student performance will be established collaboratively by teachers, administrators, parents and community.
  • Early intervention is planned to foster student success.
  • All students will be encouraged and challenged when learning in ways that are adapted to their needs which may include special services and achievement.
  • There is a strong link between attendance and achievement.

  • Positive relationships between caring adults and students will foster academic success.
  • Decisions will be based on both formative and summative data and evidence based research.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with all stakeholders is vital to the success of students.
  • Parent engagement and community involvement are important to the development of the whole child.


School Improvement Goals

  • Goal 1: Students will meet or exceed the state’s attendance rate of 93% and the district’s rate of 95%
  • Goal 2: In grades kindergarten-six, the school level TVAAS overall composite will be a Level 3 or higher on the TNReady/K-2 Assessment.
  • Goal 3: Family engagement opportunities will focus on Reading/ Language Arts
  • Goal 4: Technology will be integrated into the school and home setting to support and increase the effectiveness of instruction and monitor and evaluate student learning.
  • Goal 5: A college and career awareness culture will be enhanced for PreK-sixth grade students.


Blue Ribbon School