Ms. Alicia Bauguess



Ms. Faye Baker

Ms. Bobbie Brooks (not pictured)


We have three Head Start/ Pre.K Teachers at Mountain City Elementary; they are Ms. Alicia Bauguess, Ms. Bobbie Brooks, and Ms. Faye Baker.

Our approach to learning includes; Social and Emotional Development, Self Control, Cooperation, Social Relationships, Initiative and Curiosity.

We provide activities to enhance reasoning and problem solving skills. The students will increase their ability to classify, compare objects events and experiences. The students will participate in a variety of dramatic play activities. Arts and crafts are used to bring out their creative and imagination.

Our curriculum includes a comprehensive Early Literacy Program, “Opening the World of learning” which is literature based. We also use “Trophies” which includes math and science.  Parents are given the opportunity to have an input in the curriculum each year.

Nutrition and health is also a top priority.

Our students have special classes which in includes PE, Library, Art and Music.