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About MCE

Welcome to Mountain City Elementary School! 

We are located in the extreme northeastern corner of Tennessee. Our school sits on twelve acres in the middle of the county seat of Mountain City. With more than eight decades of commitment to education excellence, Mountain City Elementary is proud of its heritage and tradition and we are dedicated to the total development of every Pre-K/Head Start through sixth grade student. The staff is empowered and invested; parents and community are valued and informed; and most importantly students feel supported throughout their elementary learning experience. Our vision, mission, values and beliefs provide direction to staff, students, parents as well as all stakeholders throughout the community. We focus on making our school a safe and inspiring place of high expectations leading to higher achievement for all. We are dedicated to our mission of providing resources, a positive environment, and support for student learning that facilitates high levels of achievement for all students as well as excellence in instruction by all teachers. As a Pre-K through sixth grade school, staff, parents, and the community are able to watch as students develop and progress from a foundation that we build together. Our four hundred and ninety-three students iare welcomed to our school from across the county and we are honored that we have students attending Mountain City Elementary as a school of choice. The school houses three Pre-K/Head Start classrooms. In addition, kindergarten through second grade students are distributed into individual self-contained classrooms. Third through sixth grades are departmentalized to capitalize on the expert strengths of teachers. We are a Title I school.  Parents value education for their children and this is reflected in the annual attendance rate of approximately 96%. Mountain City Elementary is a data driven school with an ongoing comprehensive assessment system in place to identify, target, monitor, and improve student performance. A developmentally appropriate and rigorous curriculum addresses all core domains on a daily basis. English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies instruction is aligned with the state standards and provided by a highly effective and qualified faculty. Each content area has a strong emphasis on reading and writing as literacy skills are considered to be the foundation upon which children are prepared for full participation in everyday life. Specialists in the area of reading, music, art, technology, and physical education collaborate with general education teachers and support classroom instruction. Technology integration is also instrumental and instruction is enriched through iTVs in every classroom, chrome books for each student, two computer labs, and numerous websites. Various research based/web based programs are included in the school/home instructional program which includes IXL Study Island, and MobyMax. Diversity in learning styles is addressed in the planning of individual teachers. Teachers differentiate instruction, modify assignments, provide tutoring, and allow time for one-on-one and small group instruction to accommodate the needs of students. Resource and inclusion classes are provided to students who need additional support. RTI is utilized to identify, tier, and progress monitor K-6 students. This integrated approach addresses learning styles and levels, accommodates differences, and ensures that every student receives quality, standard-based instruction in reading and math. A pull-out enrichment class is provided to high achievers. Parent and community engagement is of utmost importance to Mountain City Elementary. Partnerships are valued and we welcome parental participation and the opportunity for families and communities to be involved in educating our children. Goals are set and met through a team effort and we are blessed to have a dedicated school family that supports our quest to educate all children.