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Remote Learning Day

Robert Sutherland

Remote Learning Day

The Tennessee Department of Education now allows us to use two remote instructional days per semester.  However, these days can only be used for inclement weather or other events requiring the closure of school buildings.  The Department of Education has put several guidelines in place that we are required to follow in order to utilize these days.  

  • The school system must obtain permission from the Dept. of Education prior to using those days.
  • Breakfast and lunch must be served at Mountain City Elementary School for all of our students in Prek-12 at a specified time, and students who choose to do so must eat in the cafeterias.
    • Breakfast 8am-9am
    • Lunch 11am-12pm
  • Remote instruction must be provided (work packets, online assignments, etc.) and NO new material can be implemented.
  • Special Education services must be available.

We will use one of these remote instructional days on March 5th.  This is the Election Day that was already on the calendar, and students are required to be out of our buildings because they are polling places.  This will enable us to reclaim one of the snow days we have already used.  This leaves us one remaining remote instructional day to use due to inclement weather.  The callout message will say it is a remote instructional day if we choose to use it.